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Ethically Connecting NHS Patients with Research

Bringing ground-breaking research & trials to NHS patients 
Partnering our NHS through reinvestment, and partial GP ownership 

Fair remuneration for GPs. In-house senior NHS leaders

Bridging Healthcare and Technology with Patient-Centric Precision

We seamlessly collaborate with healthcare providers, collecting and anonymising Electronic Health Record data with patient consent. Whether it's improving patient health or addressing genetic concerns, we selectively engage for realistic positive outcomes. The use of mass patient data allows research teams to look at trends, markers, illnesses and health conditions like never before. We're committed to working with this data in a secure, compliant, ethical and meaningful way. 

The journey starts here! 

Ethical Values

We will prioritise good clinical outcomes over profit. We will work with GPs on fair payments. We have in-house expertise with senior leaders from the NHS. We will significantly screen all commercial research partners. We plan to part-fund a small number of non-commercially viable trials. Any investment we take will be open, transparent and ethical. We will never have any political affiliations.

Patient-Centric Approach

TrialChoices is dedicated to placing patients at the core of our business, ensuring a professional and compassionate approach to your health journey.

Exceptional Data Security

For data security, our design is for a world leading multi-layered access control model. We will ensure the confidentiality and safety of your data whether anonymised, identifiable, in transit or stored

research & trials to UK patients

Who we work with

Your Health, Your Choice and Your Data.

We access and store your anonymised Electronic Health Record (EHR) after your consent. If we can genuinely improve health outcomes for you, or possibly address a genetic concern, we'll contact you again with a request for further information. You have the right to remove your data, even after an initial consent. 

Endless Possibilities for NHS Patients

When planning recruitment we’ll contact you regarding any possible matches. Your approval process for individual patients will be via an intuitive secure link. We’ll regularly provide updates on planned therapeutic areas. We’ll also update on our plans to part-fund Trials that are seen as not commercially viable. 

Reducing SSU and Recruitment to Weeks

Patient safety and data security is our top priority. After your expression of interest, our consultants will initiate a face-to-face to start the sign-up process. While our offering is data, that data is real people, with real health concerns. Our commitment to our patients starts at SSU (study start-up) through to on-going monitoring post study.


Our Partners

research & trials to UK patients

Coming Soon

research & trials to UK patients

Coming Soon

research & trials to UK patients

Coming Soon

research & trials to UK patients

Coming Soon

research & trials to UK patients

Our unique value proposition

Clinically Operated
Technology Driven 

At TrialChoices, we believe to be successful, bringing real choices and hope, we need a mix of Tech and Medical. We have an outstanding Advisory board, with representation from Tech industry leaders and respected Medical voices from some of the UK's finest institutions. 

Ethical use of NHS Patient Data

NHS data, due to its volume and availability is unique globally, the value of your data is incredible. We all need to ensure our NHS Patient data is used only for agreed research and good clinical outcomes.

Patient Interests First
We’re Different 

We know that there are other organisations already in the NHS Research & Trial recruitment space but we will work differently, with openness and transparency. With 1000s of global trials each year. we’ll find our niche and collaborate where we can.

Clinical Trial

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